098: Bill Courtright – Business, Sales, and Long Term Success

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About This Episode and Guest Bill Courtright:

Director of Business Development at Income Store, Bill Courtright embodies everything that is right about business. He is customer focused, forward thinking, and always working to keep his business and clients moving forward.

Having started his business back in the 90s, in partnership with his brother Ken Courtright, Bill and this team we successful in helping business owners build their businesses. Always with their head on a swivel, he and his team saw an opportunity back in the early 2000’s to take their expertise from traditional businesses to the online space.

Today, Income Store and Today’s Growth Consultant work with their clients and partners to either build and manage, or buy and manage, these online time businesses. Call them what you want (e-commerce, online properties, web properties, or virtual businesses).

“This is the greatest business revolution since the Industrial Revolution called the Digital Age.

-Bill Courtright

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The evolution of their business from traditional business growth to online business growth
  • Their approach and how they work with their clients and partners
  • What these online opportunities can mean for people

Some Of The Questions We Cover:

Who is Bill Courtright?

What triggered you adapting to the online space?

How does the online space work?

How do you work with your clients?

What are some other examples of professionals that have adapted to the online space?

Resources Suggested In The Episode:

Bill Courtright Official Website

Bill Courtright Facebook

Bill Courtright LinkedIn

Bill Courtright Twitter

Digital Footprint Conference

Income Store

Today’s Growth Consultant

Closing Thoughts:

Bill Courtright and his team are the real deal. There is a reason that their inner circle are some of the best and brightest in business. There is a reason Bill spends precious time away from his family to speak on stages around the country.

If I could sum it up in just four words, they would be THEY DO THINGS RIGHT.

For many, the prospect of owning and operating an online business that is successful sounds too good to be true. That fear-based thought “it’s too good to be true” keeps people on the sidelines and out of the game. I seriously urge you to check out Bill and his team. Invest in yourself and your future and attend one of their Digital Footprint Events.

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