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About This Episode and Guest Ken Rochon:

After losing his mom to alzheimer’s in 2008, Ken decided that he needed to do something that was more fulfilling with his life. Something that truly made a difference.

His next steps?

Ken decided to attend 330 events in a year for free. FREE. Not just a few events 330!

How did he do it? Well he didn’t say he spent all day at an event. Sometimes he would only be at an event for one critical hour. Sometimes attending 3 events in a day.

His mission? To amplify the message of great causes. He would attend events for charities, non-profits, and fundraisers to help amplify their message and spread there awareness. He was so successful that within a year he was invited to the White House three separate times.

His organization is called The Umbrella Syndicate. Why “The Umbrella Syndicate”?

Umbrella = Photography, Promotion, Production, Entertainment, Publishing, Consulting

Syndicate = The people, the thought leaders, and the people out in the world making a difference.

Do you have a message that you want amplified? Would you like to spread your message and your reach? Then this is the episode for you!

In this episode Ken and I discuss his approach to social media marketing. He discusses the fundamentals, how to generate a proper social media campaign, and how to level social proof.

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Some Of The Questions We Cover:

What are you up to?

How do you generate so much social media reach?

Is consistency more powerful than bigger social media splashes?

What are the most common social media mistakes?

Resources Suggested In The Episode:

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Becoming The Perfect Networker… Succeeding One Connection at a Time – Golden Kennector Edition

Make a Book Move a Book Book a Sale

Umbrella Marketing

Keep Smiling Movement

Closing Thoughts:

I loved when Ken mentioned that “author” is part of the word “authority”. It is true. In today’s world, everything evolves around authority and credibility. If you are passionate about a subject, or an authority in a field, there is no better way to boost your authority and results than to pen a book.

For me, that was a huge take away. Writing a book as always been a wish, but has never turned into a reality. Our conversation with Ken smacked me on the forehead and has pushing me to start the initial steps in my very first book. It is going to be a fun ride!

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