111: Kevin Neff – Branding, Marketing, and Short Cuts

Lifestyle Project Show Episode with Kevin Neff

About This Episode and Guest Kevin Neff:

There are some people who are all talk, and others that back that talk up with action. Kevin is a man who backs up his word with action.

After a 20+ year career in the corporate world, Kevin finally struck out on his own and has been making a splash ever since. He also thought there had to be a different way of doing business, and that is what he has strived to do ever since founding his firm.

Not only is Kevin an entrepreneur and business owner, he is an awardwinning author, creator, director, and producer. His awards and accolades have included over a dozen international creative awards. In 2012 Kevin became a best-selling author with the book, “The Secret to Winning Big”. The book was co-authored with international business expert Brian Tracy. In 2012 Kevin was awarded with an EXPY by the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers in New York City, as well as being named one of America’s Premier Experts™.  In 2015 Kevin released his new book, “Got One or Get One, the Business Lie That is Keeping You Broke!”  In 2016 Kevin launched his Kevin Makes Sense Media Network as an alternative way for businesses and entrepreneurs to gain media exposure. 

In this episode, we discuss what is it like to leave the corporate world behind and break out on your own. In addition, we talk about all the project he is working on and “shortcuts” businesses and brands can follow to take themselves to new heights.

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Some Of The Questions We Cover:

Who is Kevin Neff and what are you up to?

What was made you decide to leave you 20 year corporate job and stick out on your own?

What does a “short cut” mean to you?

What is Blunt Force Trauma Marketing?

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Resources Suggested In The Episode:


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Kevin Neff YouTube Channel

Closing Thoughts:

There are so many things that I love about every conversation I have with Kevin. His authenticity is undeniable. He is what he says he is; and does what he says he will do. I think above it all, I appreciate Kevin’s courage. So many people have a desire to break out on their own, but only get so far as dipping their toe in the water. Kevin’s courage to take the leap and cannonball into the pool (his future) is inspirational for so many.

Are you on the edge? Do you have dreams for the future but are unsure if you should take the jump?

Think about the local nursing home (like we talked about in our conversation). When you are at the end of your life, it won’t be the things you did that you will regret the most. It will be the things you didn’t do that you will bring the greatest regret.

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