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Lifestyle Project - Andrea Oh

About this Episode and Guest Andrea Oh:

There are many great people in the world, and Andrea Oh is no doubt one of them. From the moment I met Andrea, she was extremely welcoming and 100% genuine.

An athlete her entire life, Andrea has always been engulfed in fitness and athletics. She doesn’t just dabble either. Her sport of choice is volleyball, and she has accomplished some amazing things throughout the years.

  1. She has won multiple championships.
  2. Represented team Canada on multiple occasions.
  3. Currently, represents the masters program.

Her competitive streak has spilled over from the volleyball court to the arena of business. She considers herself one of the quintessential “serial entrepreneurs”. She is an author (has written several books), website owner, podcast host, and on and on.

Like many inspiring stories, not everything always went according to Andrea’s plan. She considers herself “the eternal student and stubborn because I keep coming back for more”.

In this episode, we talk about the business she started in Denver, how she grew it to 100 locations, ended up in despair after the economy crashed, and how she has turned everything around since then.

Some of The Questions We Cover:

  • What are some examples of your journey not going to plan?
  • What do you draw upon when life sucks and need to get rechecked?

Resources Suggested In The Episode:

Illuminate: Harnessing the Positive Power of Negative Thinking


The Business of Personal Training: Essential Guide for the Successful Personal Trainer

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Closing Thoughts:

In life, we are in one of three places.

  1. We are currently in a storm.
  2. We just got out of a storm.
  3. We are about to go into a storm.

This episode should inspire you to keep moving forward. Andrea’s infectious attitude, incredible story, and unrelenting drive shows you what life can be like if you quit living as a victim. Take ownership of your life and it is amazing where life can take you.

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