091: James Morrish – Running For a Cause, International Business, and Online Properties

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About this Episode and Guest James Morrish:

James is the first international listen on the podcast. Hailing from London, James is an Executive Broker at FE International. Him and his team specialize in brokering online businesses. In a similar way real estate agents help home owners sell their homes, James and his team do the same for online business owners.

To many, online business is a world that almost seems fantasy. Historically, business was done with a physical transaction. Online, it seems like you are making money from this error. Unbeknownst to them, these online businesses are real, legitimate, and profitable.

In this episode, we touch on many different topics. Everything from running the MS-UK Marathon to vetting online business and different online business structures.

If you have always wanted to learn more about online businesses and how they work, this is the episode you have been waiting for! James shares years of personal knowledge with the industry, how its changed over the years, and how big the opportunity is for you and me.

Some of The Questions We Cover:

What is he running for?

What are online businesses?

Why are people selling them?

How do you value these online businesses?

How have you changed your vetting process?

How has your path changed to get to where you are today?

What does your typical day look like for you?

What most excites you about your industry?

Resources Suggested in The Episode:

Guide to Buying an Online Business: A Definitive Guide to the Successful Purchase of an Internet Business

FE International Blog

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Closing Thoughts:

If you are not considering online businesses, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity. Every generation has their unique opportunity. The internet is only about 20 years old and is finally hitting its stride. Those that are most successful in the world are not only the smartest. They are the most nimble. They are willing to keep an open mind and change as the market and opportunities arise. Online businesses are an opportunity everyone should consider.

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